Assume Abigail to be a point object.
Infinitesimal in size, zero in brain cells.
A rodent in the sewers.
She chews on her cheese.
Sometimes she is happy.
Sometimes she is sad.
Fuck… that requires braincells!
Did I prove myself wrong?

Let’s chage our assumption.
Assume this to be true:
n(braincell(Abigail)) = n(braincell(mouse))
Why? Because I fucking said so!
That’s why!
Mice do as they please!

Now do what you will,
Acting-neuroscientists of the world.
I am your little mouse.
Put me in a cage.
Shock me.
Feed me.
Starve me.
Do to me what you will.

Don’t bother the ethics committee.
People before you did not.
They got away fine…
“Good job” they said.
A job as good as any done by the cops!

So what did I prove?
Abigail Silversmith will always be a labrat!
QED bitch!